Area of activity

Professional translations on projects, financed by the Structural and Cohesion funds of EU.

Translation of texts with technical and engineering terms:
      -instructions for operation, user manuals, technical data sheets and etc.

Translation of text with engineering and economical terms

Translation of texts with legal definitions:
      -contracts, agreements, annexes, certificates, court documents for company registrations, laws, acts, excerpts, decrees, rules and etc.

Translation of texts with economical and financial terms:
      -marketing, accounting and bank documents, certificates of quality, bank certificates, references and etc.

Translation of personal and official documents:
      -academic documents – diplomas for Primary, secondary or higher education, academic information, certificates, showing no previous conviction, certificates for professional qualification

Translation of texts with general nature:
       -personal and business correspondence, offers, requests, recommendations, applications, advertising materials, brochures, internet sites and etc.